About Us Philip and Albert

We are two partners, a creative and an operative, an
Architect and Technical Director,
always passionate about food and pizza.

Filippo Renoldi

Graduated in Architecture,
eclectic minded, he is the creative
artistic and commercial soul at
The design, the refinement and the glamour features
of REGINADITALIA come directly
from his vision of the world and
his life experiences made of style,
travel and places of charm.
With strong analytical skills
and problem solving approach, he combines
a marked aptitude for the overall vision
with a precise and constant
will aimed at searching for
new opportunities and new markets.

Alberto Landini

Some call him an engineer, others
appreciate him for his courage
in dealing with titanic enterprises
without hesitation. For thirty years
he has dedicated himself to technical activities,
focusing on special vehicles,
prototypes and armoured cars.
His passion for engines is unique. He had
the privilege to work with the main players in the
automotive field. He is the pragmatic side
of the company: we owe him the innovative
setting of the micro-pizzeria of
REGINADITALIA, an outstanding project in the world of
itinerant slow food.

Our Team

Behind every great project, there is always a great team.



We are looking for professional pizza makers, young, dynamic, open minded
travellers, talented.
Wish to join us?

Interested in REGINADITALIA franchising project and willing to know
the affiliation terms?